1-on-1 Coaching

A personalized and focused approach to help individuals achieve their career goals and overcome any obstacles they may face. Tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each individual our 1-on-1 approach provides a dedicated space for learning, growth, and development.

Team Coaching

We work closely with the team to identify areas for improvement and develop customized strategies to overcome challenges. The goal is to help team members recognize their individual strengths and weaknesses, and then assist in the process of using these skills to achieve better team dynamics.

Management Training

Pivot Point can take your leadership to the next level with our hands on approach of taking a look at your management style and working to improve those abilities. We have experienced firsthand that by empowering a team with effective supervisory training you set the entire company up for success.

DISC Assessments

A DISC assessment helps one gain an understanding of their work style, personality type and discover their strengths and motivators. We utilize these time honored assessment tools to further predict job performance and ultimately unlock hidden potential.